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Let’s start with

Creating a new American App Store account for you

Go to your iPhone’s settings.
Select iTunes & App Store and make sure you are connected to your Apple ID.
Go back to the Home screen and open the App Store app. On the App Store’s bottom menu - go to the Today tab, then tap your profile image on the top right corner which will lead you to the Account menu.
Under the Account menu, tap the button that reads your name. On the new menu just opened, tap the Apple ID button and wait until you are being redirected to Apple’s Choose your country or region web page.
Scroll all the way down the country list and choose USA. Now, on the Apple ID web page, scroll down and tap the Create your Apple ID button.

Time to create your American Apple ID and get full access to the US App Store.
Fill the required info:
- Name
- Birthday
- Email address
- Password
- Security Questions

Don’t have a second email address? Click here and quickly create one.

Once the registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided with a 6-digit code. Copy that 6-digit code and proceed to the next step.
Now it’s time to

Change your App Store account to your new American account we just created.

Open your iPhone’s Settings app once again and tap iTunes & App Stores. Tap Apple ID: example@email.com, then Sign Out on the popup menu.
Now, on the same screen, choose Sign In and log in to your new American Apple ID we just created. Once connected, you will receive a popup reading This Apple ID has not yet been used with the Itunes store - please review your account info. Tap Review.
Under the Credit/ Debit Card
select None.

Since Apple verifies all personal info you provide (country, state, zip code and phone number) are real you will need real American details:

Click here to generate temporary American profile details that you can use for the Apple registration.

Copy the address, the state, the zip code and the phone number to the registration form.

Once you are finished - tap Next, then Continue.
Now, let’s get back to the Settings app one last time and once again tap the iTunes & App Stores button. Tap the Apple ID: example@email.com, then View Apple ID. On the new menu - tap Country/Region.
Tap Country/Region, scroll all the way down and choose United States. Agree to the Terms & Conditions and then Agree again on the popup window.


You now have full access to the United States App Store

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